She taught you your ABCs, now introduce yo’ mama to the world of THC and CBD.

With cannabis now legal across Canada, the tradition of gifting Mom flowers on Mother’s Day could take on a whole new meaning. Whether she’s down to toke with her adult children or looking for some solitary R&R, we’ve rounded up a few alternatives to tulips.

Editors note: Special thanks to The Friendly Stranger for helping us showcase some of our favourite Canadian-made makers. 

The Canna-Curious Mom

From left to right: Hot Box smell proof purse; High Noon pipeBrnt Ascend tray; Krush cannabis grinderFashionably High signature stashtray.

Fun, practical accessories like a geometric pipe, colourful cube grinder and durable stash bag are among the fresh, femme-friendly cannabis accessories that are in full bloom this spring. Meanwhile, chic, smell-proof storage containers and heavy concrete rolling trays provide a solid foundation to share the how-tos of rolling a joint with the woman who taught you how to use a fork.

Strain and product recommendation: If you’re set on buying flowers for Mom, consider a balanced strain like Altavie’s Harmonic or Liiv’s Yin & Yang. For those looking for a discrete, non-smokable option, consider discreet and convenient cannabis softgels like Penelope from Tweed.

The Old School G-Ma

From left to right: 4andtwenty cone collection; The Nightindale from My Bud VaseFashionably High signature stashtray; solid brass grinder from F8te.

Looking to gift your grandma with cannabis accessories that deserve pride of place alongside the Royal Doulton? These smoking haute cannabis accessories are too pretty to hide away; My Bud Vase doubles as a bong and a vessel for cut flowers, while, toile-printed cones and a shiny brass grinder are mint picks for that special lady in your life.

Strain and product recommendation: For a woman interested in non-intoxicating cannabis products, pick a high-cbd strain like Aurora’s Temple or consider while Mom’s seeking a moment of well-deserved rest and relaxation might enjoy Solei’s Unplug Oil.

The Kitchen-Saavy Mom

From left to right: Friendly Stranger metal grinder; Studio Briar floral pyrography dugout; mini bong from High Art; teacup and saucer from Fashionably High; Healing Cannabis Edibles cookbook by Pat Crocker and Ellen Novack; Goldleaf cooking journal.

If the matriarch in your family rules the kitchen, consider introducing cannabis in a setting where she feels most comfortable. Cookbooks and cooking journals offer a way to explore cannabis through cuisine and a pretty floral dugout is a pretty good option for a quick puff while the oven preheats. For those that toke together, add a sense of occasion and a chance to bond by setting the scene with gilded teacups or a handcrafted ceramic bong.

Strain and product recommendation: East Coast kitchen parties might benefit from a sweet and nutty strain like The Optimist from femme-friendly grower Eve & Co., while Chocolope, from Whistler Cannabis Co. on the West Coast, is a delicious pairing to share over a spot of tea.


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